My Sql

About the course

My SQL Course will help you create business logic, reports, exports and other data related outputs using Microsoft SQL Platform.

In this course you will learn everything about databases, SQL and My SQL Server starting from installation to implementation of complex queries on the data.

You will get hands on with My SQL workbench by creating a database, tables and the running SQL queries to retrieve data from large real-time datasets.

This course has a dedicated session where the trainer gives in-depth knowledge on SQL Constraints and Joins with numerous SQL query exercises.

The instructor uses live coding to demonstrate SQL Queries with aggregative functions, string functions, select operators and advanced functions like lag, leap and ranking functions.

This course also covers PL/SQL fundamentals introducing you to creating blocks of code to advanced concepts such as triggers, procedures, functions and stored procedures.

In this course you will work with a sophisticated real-life database and learn about various SQL commands and perform complex queries.

By the end of this course, you will have a job-ready portfolio with real-time business case studies to start your new journey as an SQL Expert


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