Sets In Tableau

Sets are custom fields we create in Tableau. It derives answers from the subset of the data. Sets are created based on certain conditions.

Let’s see in detail how to create sets and how it is useful in data analysis.

Sets are of two types:

1) Dynamics Sets
2) Fixed Sets

1. Dynamic Sets

These sets are created on dimensions from data. To create a Dynamic Set, right-click on the dimension> Create> Set.

A pop-up will appear in which we will get multiple options to create a set. You can customize the name of the set accordingly. In the image below you can see the multiple Tab.

General: You can select the values which you want to include in the set. This is useful when the dimensions have a smaller number of values.

Condition: we can create a set based on a specific condition. Tableau enables you to customize based on a specific dimension. Also, you can create a formula. Refer to the image below.

Top: This tab allows you to create a set based on top and bottom Values. Same as the condition, the Top option also enables us to create a formula. Refer to the image below.

The dynamic set enables you to create a set dynamically. It gives you various options to drill down the analysis and create a subset of the data based on condition. A dynamic set is just like a calculated field, so it is reusable.

2. Fixed Set

We can create a fixed set directly on visualization right-click and select the values in the visualization. Selected values can be created as a set. Just like a dynamic set, a Fixed set is also created as a calculated field and is reusable. Whatever values we select to create the set that remains constant and do not change dynamically as they do in the Dynamic set.


By using sets, you can create a subset of the data by giving specific conditions. By using sets, we can drill down our analysis deeper and ask questions about the data. For example, we can create a set and understand which product id has the highest Sales. The fixed set helps more in ad-hoc analysis.

Miss. Priya
Business analyst, Blogger and Tableau Trainer.

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