Power BI - Joining Tables

access_time 2022-09-23T09:19:15.045Z face Amala Mary P
Power BI - Joining Tables In this article, we shall understand the basics of joining tables in Power BI and also learn different kinds of joins. Let’s understand the different ways of joining tables in Power BI with a simple example. Consider the below two tables - Employee details (Table A) and Emp...

Power BI - Pie Chart

access_time 2022-09-18T10:49:51.717Z face Priya
Power BI - Pie Chart Pages in Power BI Power BI desktop can be used to create reports and dashboards. To create multiple reports, we use pages. In this article, we shall first look at how at create and then see how to work with pages in Power BI. Creating Pie Chart The pie chart is used to visualize...

You Fall in Love with Power BI Waterfall chart

access_time 2022-09-06T13:47:56.595Z face Kavitha
You Fall in Love with Power Bi Waterfall chart In this article we will learn about Power BI Waterfall Chart. In addition, we will discuss when to use and how to make a waterfall chart in Power BI. What is Waterfall Chart: A waterfall graph determines a running aggregate as qualities are involved or ...

One Day in Power BI Developer’s Life

access_time 1662035400000 face AK Kumar
One Day in Power BI Developer’s Life This Article provides you the understanding of Power BI Developer’s Real-time experience, Roles & Responsibilities & Project Steps. An attempt is made to explain with easy narration.. 1.Business Intelligence Introduction, 2.About Power BI, 3.About SQL, 4.About Ro...
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