Power BI – SUM vs SUMX

access_time 2022-10-18T14:36:09.823Z face Priya
Power BI – SUM vs SUMX Introduction: Let us have a quick and detailed understanding of the difference between SUM and SUMX DAX functions in Power BI. Here I have considered the Bike Data where we have the Unit Price Details and Order Quantity details but the Sales value column is not part of the dat...

Creating a Date table in Power BI

access_time 2022-10-18T13:14:16.599Z face Priya
Creating a Date table in Power BI In this article, we will generate a date table in Power BI which will be a reference point for data models that can be used for time intelligence calculations. Creating a date table is very easy with DAX functions. A date table is essential in creating data models. ...

Power BI - Tornado Chart

access_time 2022-09-29T12:28:43.350Z face Priya
Power BI - Tornado Chart In this article, we shall discuss Power BI’s custom visualization chart - Tornado chart from their App source. We shall look at how to create a Tornado chart and its various features. At the end of this article, you will learn how to create a Tornado Chart, its Navigation, a...

Power BI – Custom charts: Waterfall chart, Scatter chart, Funnel Chart

access_time 2022-09-27T14:21:57.956Z face Priya
Power BI – Custom charts: Waterfall chart, Scatter chart, Funnel Chart Many students have difficulty understanding the essence of the custom charts and especially when to use them. To help the student community, we are writing this article to explain advanced charts like the Waterfall, Scatter, and ...

Power BI - Waterfall Chart

access_time 2022-09-23T10:49:32.717Z face Amala Mary P
Power BI - Waterfall Chart This article provides you with a complete understanding of what is a waterfall chart? When to use it? And its benefits. Waterfall Chart Waterfall charts are a great way to visualize data. They are one of the most powerful standard visuals in Power BI, given its ability to ...
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